Best Dermatologist Ottawa

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Best Dermatologist Ottawa

Best Dermatologist Ottawa

Julia Carroll (@Drjuliacarroll)

You may recognize Dr. Julia from her many appearances on The Marilyn Denis Show, ET Canada and The Global Morning Show. She is known for her ethical and natural approach to beauty and many Canadians trust her subtle but effective rejuvenation treatments. Her busy dermatology practice, Compass Dermatology is not the only thing that keeps her busy, she also works at the University of Toronto Medical School! Learn about the latest in dermatology on her profile.

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Sawyers E Dr

Dr. Sawyers is a family doctor with a special interest in dermatology and office procedures. She completed a diploma in practical medical dermatology with distinction in 2012 and introductory training in dermoscopy in 2015, both from the University of Cardiff Wales. She holds a diploma from Graz University, Austria as an Academic Expert in Dermoscopy and Preventive Dermatooncology. In 2018, she obtained her Master of Science in Dermoscopy and Preventive Dermatooncology from Graz University Austria. Dr. Sawyers offers comprehensive family medicine services, including dermatology services, to her patients. She also provides services to other physicians' patients by referral only.

Best Dermatologist Ottawa

Renee A

When treating medical conditions, patients' needs and therapeutic comfort are Dr. Renee's main focus. Located in Toronto, she spends her days as a Medical & Cosmetic Dermatologist at DermAtelier on Avenue that features evidence-based expertise catering to all skin tones and types. She is also well known for her role as an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Toronto. For an account focused on inclusion, hers is one to follow!

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Vincent Richer (@Drvincentricher)

Dr. Vincent is a Dermatologist and Clinical Instructor at the Department of Dermatology and Skin Science at the University of British Columbia. He prides himself on serving ALL patients as shown in the various emojis in his bio. Currently, he is practicing at Pacific Derm in Vancouver and is motivated by getting optimal outcomes for his medical and cosmetic patients through customized care. Check out his page for some aesthetically pleasing content.

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Best Dermatologist Ottawa

Rotations Occur At:

The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) which has three campuses, Civic, General and Riverside.

The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre

Community dermatology offices

Dynacare Laboratories (dermatopathology)

Laserderm and Ottawa Derm Centre (lasers and cosmetics)

A highlight of the program is the opportunity for 1-2 senior residents to accompany the dermatologist, Dr. Jacqueline Shukle, to Iqaluit for a week in January and May each year. These senior independent clinics offer residents a wonderful opportunity to experience the practice of dermatology in the remote Canadian north. The entire visit is sponsored by the Nunavut government. This valuable activity is however only confirmed by Dr. Shukle on a year to year basis.


Dermapure is a clinic network that offers medical aesthetic care across Canada. The goal of the clinics is to educate patients on the best practices in skin health and beauty and to provide them with innovative treatments that offer natural results. The clinics use a holistic approach that combines advanced technology, topical products, and nutritional supplements to improve the overall health and beauty of the skin. The team at Dermapure values benevolence, respect, mutual aid, and courage, and these values guide their actions and decisions.

Best Dermatologist Ottawa

Where can you find some of the most influential Canadian dermatologists on the internet? Look no further than Instagram! This platform is relied on by many medical specialties but especially dermatology because of its ability to post before and after photos as well as provide a glimpse into certain patient conditions that are better understood through visuals. Continue reading to see our list highlighting the top 10 Canadian dermatologists to follow on Instagram.

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