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All of us know it is very important to take good care of our body and our mind.

In actuality, taking care of one only about automatically ensures great care of another.

Eat well, the body is in shape and so the mind can function at high speed; exercise for fitness and to get decent blood circulation and the brain absorbs

Emotional bend - keep your hands occupied as well as your mind - knit, crochet, paint, color...

Call a friend or family member today and share a happy story with her or him.

Invite this person to talk with you - joy is contagious!

Tell the world why brain healthy is important to you and to each of the people you love.

Love a home-cooked meal in which you have charge of the ingredients, the cooking procedures, along with the portions.

Don't be sedentary but instead, be up and moving.

It's great for the body and good for the mind.

Total 3 yoga poses evening and morning and adds 3 concentrated breathing sessions, also - in through the nose and out through the mouth for 1 minute.

If we are being honest, going to the physician could be more than a little intimidating, particularly when we are asked about our family medical history.

But only because it's scary does not mean we should run from it and hide.

Fully understanding and knowing your family medical history - to the best of your skills - will impact not just your health but also the health of the majority

You may know your family tree, but it's time to learn your family medical history.

Schedule time to sit down with your loved ones to find out more about the health risks you may face.

Write down everything you learn and maintain a file for your own records.

Let other family members know what you find out -do you want more active minutes in every day?

Do you have to cut down certain food components like fat and sugar?

Do you have to spend more time out-of-doors enjoying fresh air and sunshine?

Is it time for you to bring a few hobbies to your life such as learning to paint, starting to speak another language, teaching a course focused on a

Spending more time that's devoted just to you and you are well being?

A multitude of possibilities exists to seize them and have fun.

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