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Sending the security message and receiving support for programs can be challenging in today's business environment.
Things have picked up for several businesses making the rate seen a couple of years back a memory.
To maintain, new workers are generally hired and workloads increased. Does this seem familiar to you?
Probably, and if you do not plan for it and maintain safety awareness up your apps will suffer or get trumped by other performance metrics.

Communication Ideas
Creativity is the development of an original idea that serves some purpose or need or is influential.

As I was thinking about simple ways to get the message out I kept going back to my email and noticed everybody is promoting with mails.
From Big retailers to local sellers email marketing approaches are being used. Consider it, have you read mails from Groupon or some similar marketing companies recently? My best guess is that you have and you might have
even purchased something from one of these excellent deal websites or other vendors.

Here are a couple of reasons I believe you opened the email and why I believe that you can use it insecurity.

- A name that gets attention. If you change the normal 100% truth based security emails most security professionals send and add a little fun to it the chance it has opened and read increases. An example may be,
The number one reason I get out of bed every day and why it should matter to you. This is significantly better than an email that states the security performance review.

- Use a little humor as soon as possible. I keep reading email marketing mailings and all of them seem to have a staff feel with a little humor mixed in to keep it entertaining. Now, I realize that this might not be
suitable for all situations but it may be used more frequently than you may think.

- In all these sorts of emails, there's a"bargain" or a value proposition of some type. In safety,

we are constantly searching for a way to be sure management knows what we want them to do to support the effort.
There are lots of common themes which may be used. Such as, going home the way we came or others such as topics.
You can also make it a bit more fun and put a question which needs to be answered in every email and state the first one to answer gets a prize.

Think of what causes them pain and attempt to invent a"bargain" around it. If a supervisor does not like to finish training you might have a voucher for free training day off where you do the training set of them doing this.
You have the idea, find the pain and give a deal to maintain management interested. Now that could peak attention and make safety fun!

- In each email, they attempt to sell you something. If you believe about it, security professionals are constantly"selling"
a product to employees and management. Our rules and programs are the product we need them to buy and this can be done in various ways, including subject. Think about including a soft approach too to balance out your efforts.
You might choose to finish each email with a pitch to remain safe each day whilst emphasizing a hot topic, including, the most prevalent kind of injury and what you would like them to do to prevent it.

While there isn't anyone solution that will solve all issues, a combination of efforts can raise the probability of management understanding and encouraging safety program efforts.
That's why it's necessary to use several communication methods in a bid to obtain the support for your applications.

The frequency of your security email marketing campaign is all up to you.
As with most things the more you do it the more it sinks in. Have fun with your own communications, take yourself out of your comfort zone while gaining additional support for the maximum import goal of these all - Maintaining workers from being hurt.

Joe Tavenner CSP, CFPS has over 15 years of experience, a bachelors and Masters degree in Occupational Safety Management and an MBA in Management. In his spare time, he writes articles for trade journals, blog posts, and blog posts.

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