Before You Donate to Community Service Or a Charity, Investigate the Organization

Charity could cause a multitude of sins," said Oscar Wilde.

In a financial sense, he might have meant that you need to be careful about how a person will spend your donation.

But maybe he meant that you need to be cautious about what charity you contribute, lest the people who they profess to assist never get your donation.

Throughout history, the most preferred way of stealing money is to sneak it under the guise of charitable interest.Donate community

By preying on people's sympathy, unscrupulous charities can be given a constant stream of money without needing to do much convincing.

Typically, ulterior charitable organizations do not pocket your contribution outright.

Rather, they trickle a small quantity of cash to their supposed beneficiaries and use the remainder for other purposes.

But if you're contemplating donating to charity, then the objective isn't to be so certain to choose not to donate, but to follow some time tested advice that will Whether you intend to contribute to community service jobs, a religious charity or a secular charity, after both tips below will prevent you from giving to organizations which will Research the Organization Whether the aim of your contribution is toward a community service project or a general charity fund, do not give to a company before you request its written literature and a copy of its latest annual report, which should have a list of its board of directors, its mission statement and its most recently available audited While it might still be possible to falsify this information, most unscrupulous organizations are searching for easy targets and will not spend time going back and forth with someone.
However, the rule is not to give to organizations that can not supply you with the aforementioned materials, no matter their explanations.

Be Certain That the Organization is Legitimate Here is how easy it is to begin a false charity or community service organization: you set up a website, rent affordable office space under an assumed name and also have sufficient few telephone lines so that all your partners can represent another department.

Therefore, even in case you receive persuasive documents from a company, it is advisable to check with the American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) in the case of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance in the case of community support organizations to find out if they're knowledgeable about the organization that you are contemplating.

If they don't have a record of this company, it could either be because the organization is extremely new or as it is working as a temporary money-maker in Generally speaking, it's better to only donate to organizations that watchdog groups know about.

As a financial advisor that specializes in estate planning and charitable giving, I tell my customers that they ought to research a company before they contribute to community service

While most community service organizations and charities are above board, there are also the ones that will seriously misuse your contribution.